Thank you, everyone!

yellow lotus
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Had my ECHO today and cardiologist exam. It's a go for (hopefully partial) nephrectomy this Thursday, July 5th. My heart is healthy, normal (for 67 year old) so no restrictions. Thank you all for considering my fears. I appreciate all of you so much. My surgery is 3:30 pm so hoping to update y'all sometime Friday. Thank you all so much...


  • icemantoo
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    Take it easy




    ----this 4th of July. At 67 allow yourself some extra recovery, post op.






  • Retcenturion
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    Good luck

    Glad to hear your cleared for surgery. It wasn't easy,but not as bad as imagined. Will bee thinking of you Friday. Sending positive thoughts for you and your loved ones.

  • stub1969
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    You'll feel better

    once that bugger is out.  I'll be thinking about you on Thursday and sending good karma.


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    Yay for

    Surgery!!! Did I really say that-sure did after what you've been thru-best of luck-June