stable psa with t-level drop

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I am pretty much symptom free.  No pain, fully continent and physically active. Follow up PSA's are good (see below).  My last t-level has dropped from 311 to 202.  I have no low t symptoms at this time.  Pretty normal sex drive for a 71 year old (I think) but a 33% drop seems a little strange.  I would appreciate any feedback from the group.

Age 68 at diagnosis 

2/2009 PSA 4.3 Biopsy negative

2009-2016 PSA climbed from 4 to 6

DRE all negative

2/2016 PSA 7.5

Ultrasound and DRE indicate nodule

Biopsy with 6 of 12 cores pos

Two 4+3 Four 3+3

5/11/16 Gold Markers Placed

5/5/2016 on Lupron and Casodex

6/8/16 Lupron Dose #2

7/2016 IMRT started 25 fractions 45Gy total

8/4/16 Flomax  0.4mg  started

Cyberknife boost 8/9/16 2 fractions 19 Gy total

Weight down to 128

9/1/16 Last Dose of Casodex

11/18/16 Hot flashes end; getting up 1-2 x per noc

12/6/16   PSA 0.1  T-Level 372

3/6/17     PSA 0.2 T-level 288

7/10/17   PSA 0.2 T-level 308  

11/16/17 PSA 0.2 T-level 311

6/13/18   PSA 0.2  T-level 202



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    Great update


    My lay opinion on the lower testosterone is due to the fact that some of it is substituted by estrogens. The fat we stock on the belly (like a Michelin tire) is made up of estrogens which are also used by our body for several purposes substituiting the testosterone temporarily. Estrogens are also made from cholesterol and typically we see an increase of the stuff when T becomes lower. The body doesn't need to produce T as much. In other words; we are getting older.

    The stable PSA is wonderful in view of you having still the gland in place.

    Best wishes for continuing QoL.


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    T levels fluctuate, which is normal

    As I wrote in my other post related to this question, testosterone levels vary during the day and from day to day.