365 days out of treatment today

Thats the first year done no side effects remaining in any way I was mostly back to normal after 4 months.


  • wbcgaruss
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    Andy13460 you are very blessed to have your first year in, no side effects especially, and back to normal.

    A special congratulations to you sir.


  • frokker68
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    Yay. Congrats. My 1 year is

    Yay. Congrats. My 1 year is this Friday.  

  • CivilMatt
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    1 year NED!


    You must be pretty close to a year?

    Back to normal, no side effects, you should be the H&N member of the month with those stats.  No kidding, that is great!

    Is that person on the bike following you?  Always be aware of your surroundings.


  • SuzJ
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    So good to hear Andy :)


  • Klingels
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    It is almost one year for my husband too.

  • RobbT
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    One Year after treatment. Still NED.

    Have retired. Sides are minimal now. Dry mouth. Aches and pains but taste is back 90% and I am playing pickleball a couple times a week. We have been traveling some and doing each day as best as we can. There are no guarantees. Yes I worry about recurance but I try to just keep marching ahead. It’s a bummer to have to fight this stuff but it’s worth it.   Keep the faith!


  • donfoo
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    Fantasic news and thanks for posting. It's very encourging to those in the midst of the battles to know there are others standing fine on the other side of the war. 

  • Chicklette
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    Hi Andy,

    That is awesome news.  My husband was very much like you.  He is one year out as well and 99.9% back to pre-cancer normal.  We are still working on the singing voice, but expect to be back to gigging by the end of the year.  He never had a feeding tube, either, and ate normal foods for most of the treatment.  



  • OKCnative
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    Great news. Hitting one year

    Great news. Hitting one year myself - and like you, no side effects. We are all so fortune to be dealing with this now with such great medical progress in fighting this disease.

  • Klingels
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    I followed your story as you were being treated along with my husband. You have done very well. You couldn't ask for more.