Signet Ring Cell Cancer

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Hi, I am new here to this site. I am here because my father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer on Friday. Pathology stated in the notes section: "Perineural Invasion is identified. The carcinoma cell have focal signet ring cell feature."

So I wont get into the specifics of the prostate cancer score etc. I know this isnt the prostate cancer part of the website. I am here because it seems that signet ring is predominantly in the colon or stomach. Just looking for some information I guess. 

Has anyone had this type of cancer travel to the prostate? 

My dad is in good health, no symptoms. Hoping its contained there but we will see tomorrow when we go to Sloan Kettering in New York. Scans were completed yesterday/ And now we wait.

Thank you for any help, advice or info.



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    He'll be in great hands at MSK

    They can tie the different pieces together.  At my most recent surgery for a recurrence, my colorectal surgeon there (Dr. Paty) brought in a urologist (Dr. Toujiers) and a plastic surgeon (Dr. Disa) to handle different aspects of my surgery and coordinate among them all as appropriate.

    Be prepared for MSK time - often very long waits as appointments run late.

    PM me if you have any questions about MSK.


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    Sorry to hear of your father.  Hope that his path going forward is positive.  Keep coming back as there are a lot on here that can help, I'm just sorry I'm not able to give you any information.  Wishing him well.