VAIN or wide excision

Donna Faye
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Anyone here that has had a VAIN or wide excision for small lesion on vaginal wall? Not sure will need as we are waiting until July to do the biopsy as too soon after rads and hoping it will be benign. But, would like to know all I can before going in to find out if needed. Thanks all!


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    Miss Faye, I can't give you

    Miss Faye, I can't give you any insight, and I am sure the waiting is brutal.  Please try to "live life like somone left the gate open" for now  Hugs dear.  You are in my prayers.

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    The gate is open and I am flying...

    I am truly doing exactly that - bowling with 13 year old grandson in summer league, playing Monopoly with him and reading Lord of the Flies with him for his assigned summer reading! Have a wedding on June 30 of #2 son and hosting the dinner on the 29th.  Eldest son and his family arrive on the 26th for pre wedding fun! I have learned that worry is useless and laughter and joy makes the time fly! I also have learned that if I go into the appointment loaded with questions and things I learn from all the smart ladies on this board, my doctor leaves nothing out. The rad onc doc and I are thinking positive that the rads killed it!  Thanks for all your support and prayers!!!Smile

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    Wide Excision

    Miss Donna Faye, I don’ t have personal experience.  I will keep you in my prayers that what you have is benign. It is so hard not to think we have cancer again with every lump, growth or tissue change. Sending grace and peace to you as you await your results ((Hug))