CSN push for lowering colonoscopy screening to 45

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With so many younger folks being diagnosed, this would be a good start. Personally, I think 40 would be a good age. 




  • Cindy225
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    Great News!

    More opportunity to promote greater awareness and early detection!  My two boys are on track to start their screenings at 40 and may be even sooner... 

    Thanks for sharing Tru!


  • JanJan63
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    Great idea!

    Great idea!

  • Woodytele
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    Just make it 25

    we’ve all seen young people affected.  Especially if there is family history, get it done the procedure is easy and can save lives. Get it early and often after the initial test.  My onc said he has seen people with clear tests, then next year CC.  This stuff can get outta control fast. 

  • Annabelle41415
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    If my first checkup was done at 45 then you probably would have never seen me here.  Very important that the screening is done earlier.  There are many people on this board that it would have helped.  Thanks to the ACS for this recommendation.  Hopefully, the insurance companies will follow suit but that's another hurdle.