A bit paranoid, maybe


So, surgery is 2 weeks from today.  CT scan got rescheduled for the 4th.  Second surgeon is changed, now it’s a gastroentolgy surgeon with specialty in cancer and research, along with gyn onc, this is all good.  Shortly before I saw the gyn onc first time, I began having worse back pain, pain around the ribs, but didn’t report this because I have chronic back pain, as well as chostochondritis at times.  However its continued almost daily, but not constant.  Then I started feeling pressure and pain abov sternum for past few weeks, and now a sore throat past week that has gotten worse.  Again, i have chronic conditions that sometimes cause sore throat.  I’ve been feeling rather under the weather and sleeping a lot.  I am concerned, but likely all this is...nothing?  Hope me Please!  Waiting is hard.  I am usually calm and level headd, but bordering on panic these days.


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    Hi, welcome.  Im sorry you

    Hi, welcome.  Im sorry you have to be here but am glad because there much support here.  Waiting is really the hardest part.  It soynds like your reactions are normal. Living a day at a time really helped me. Staying busy helped too. I was working and when my co workers learned of my cancer one girl told me to quit and go home and have a pitty party. Even though i eventually did take some time off for treatments, i was glad i didnt change things before surgery.  It helped me keep going.  Im sorry your sick and hope you can over come that before your surgery.  It will all work out.  Come here as often as you need too.  We understand here.  I didnt find this group until after surgery but ot was a great support.


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    Throat problems

    Have you had your thyroid checked?  In your picture, I wonder if I am seeing some swelling in your neck.  Thyroid problems could make you fatigued, and swelling on your thyroid could cause some throat pain, especially when swallowing.  I know.  I had a small goiter and never even noticed it.  The thyroid can affect a myriad of body systems.  I'm not sure if it can cause any of your other symptoms, but it's worth a shot to get it checked if you haven't.  Pain above the sternum might also be caused by reflux, which can also make your throat sore when the acid is regurgitated.  Of course, cancer can also make you fatigued.

    I hope your CT scan will include the upper thorax to make sure there is nothing else going on there.  I had to have gallbladder surgery at the same time as my cancer surgery because gallstones were found when they were looking for the extent of my cancer.  Gallbladder pain is usually in the right upper quadrant, but I've seen cases where it moves around.  I used to have an office job in an ER where I read a lot of charts.  There are so many different diagnoses that can be caused by similar symptoms. 

    I had chest pain after my last surgery.  I had to go to the ER and have a CT scan to see if I had a clot.  The doctor couldn't come up with a reason for my pain.  Afterwards, I got to thinking about all the charts I had read mentioning costochondritis.  I researched it online and the symptoms fit me to a T.  I mentioned it on this site, and someone on here said that it was likely I had costochondritis from the position they put me in for my surgery.  That made a lot of sense.  So if yours gets worse after surgery, that may be why.

    Hope it goes well for you. 

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    Gildedrose, I agree with the others. Try to stay busy. You will likely have a rollercoaster of emotions including anger as you come to accept and deal with cancer. I didn’t have the symptoms you are having but it sounds like you are happy with your provider medical team. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted how you are doing. ((Hug))


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    Thanks and CT results

    I so appreciate you ladies and am learning so much from you all.  Thank you.

    CT scan did not indicate any spreading.  A 2nd pathologist agreed with 1st that the biopsy is grade 1.  From reading here, i am aware they don’t know for sure til after surgery, which is next Thursday.  There were 2 small spots on my lungs, two small to biopsy.  Oncologist said he would be very surprised if it was mets of the endometrial cancer, and that if it is cancer, it’s more likely early stages of lung cancer - ok, whatever.  They will do a CT scan in 6 months to see if it’s grown.  I am keeping busy doing things I won’t be able to do for awhile after surgery and trying not to think too much.

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    Sounds like you have a good

    Sounds like you have a good plan there, Gildedrose.  When you are up to it, let us know how you are recovering.  My two cents?  Make sure you have GasX for after surgery.