No systemic chemo

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thats what the oncologist told my husband today. So after reading the pathology report there were 3 tumors, one was ablated because of location, one was not a tumor but leftover fluids from his last resection, and the third  ( I didn’t know about) but it was 95% necrotic and encapsulated. So the dr thinks the 12 rounds he had right before the surgery was enough, and they just need to do the HAI pump chemo. Except we were told they (Yale)would do the saline fill in between and they won’t so he has to go out to westchester every two weeks. His blood work looked ok, still low hemoglobin, and one liver enzyme is still high, that’s not unexpected.

His wound won’t close in two places so they cut it open more, they said that would help it heal faster. So I have to pack it and cover it twice a day because he almost passes out. Wimp lol honestly it’s gross but that stuff doesn’t bother me one bit, only vomit bothers me. I am weird I know.

so tomorrow he meets with the oncologist at Sloan to discuss the pump chemo, and I am going to work on fattening him up a bit. He went back to work today and plans to go back again Thursday full time from there. I can tell he is tired though. Looking forward to a long weekend, hopefully without any medical stuff.


on a non cancer note my son graduates from high school this year, he has gotten a scholarship from work, from the college he is going to and is receiving an award tomorrow night. I am so proud of him! 



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    Happy news!

    Hope all goes well with the HAI pump. 

    Congrats to lovely son.

    Gald you don't get grossed out.  I had to clean out my wound and pack it, and it made me retch. It was so hard (and it hurt). 


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    Good for All of You


    As a spouse, a rectal cancer survivor and a parent, I can relate to all that you have shared because I have experienced them all to some extent.  But the one that meant the most to me was the accomplishments of my children. 

    Just look at your son's perseverance during the family's time of crisis!  He succeeded in spite of formidable odds.  You guys have raised a good one.

    Congratulations on being good parents and also for fighting the good fight against cancer.  I am impressed.


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    That is great news and so glad that things are moving in the right direction.  Wonderful news about your son - you both should be very proud and take a moment to exhale.  Hope your husband continues to get better.


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    That sounds positive! I feel

    That sounds positive! I feel so sorry for your husband, though. My incision got an infection in it under the surface and it eventually opened up when it had burrowed way under along the incision line. I had to have mine cleaned and packed every second day and it was excrutiatingly painful. My husband would stand there so I could squeeze his hand while they did it. Finally colloidal silver made it heal up quite quickly. 

    Hang in there!


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    So Happy for You All!

    Ruth - Great news that chemo before the surgery was enough and your husband is on the mend.  It takes a team and the fact that you can pack the wound is fantastic! I struggled packing my own wound and never got used to it including even just applying gauze.  It looked so biological…  My husband is the cook in our family and I am so appreciative. If I can’t microwave it I won’t eat it.   Great goal to fatten him up!

    Congrats on your son’s accomplishments.  Staying focused on accomplishing his goals while providing support to you, your husband and the rest of the family is remarkable.  Sounds like mother like son.  You’ve been a great role model for him.