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Just got my MRI results back and this is what was found. 1Moderate BPH and gland enlargement.

2. A couple of small lesions within the left transition zone and left posterior peripheral zone in the

mid gland that shows low t2 signal and only subtly restricted diffusion. These are marked in DynaCAD

and may correspond to the area of proven malignacy , but PI-RADS 3 Lesions.




Patient is 60 year old male who is here for follow up psa was 2.97 8/21/17 Prostate Biospy 10/5/17 noted 3+3 =6

only in the left mid gland.




The examination was performed on a 3 Tesla MR unit utilizing a high resolution multichannel phased array cardiac coil.

Multiparametric MR imaging of prostate and pelvis before and after administration of 20 ml of intravenous Dotarem.

Images werev reviewed in conjunction with computer assisted detection software DynaCAD.



The prostate is enlarged measuring 4.2 x3.9x4x4 cm Prostate volume is estimated at 39 cubic milliliters.

There is moderate to severe change of BPH with diffuse enlargement and heterogeneity/nodularity of the transition zone.

Within the left anterior transition in the mid gland , there ia an areaof ill-defined low t2 signal and subtle restriction of diffusion,

but no hyperenhancement. PI-RADS 3. This is labled as ROI 1 in DynaCAD.


Also,  there is an ill-defined area of low t2 signal just lateral to the left of midline within the peripheral zone at the junction of

the mid gland and apex which shows low t2 signal and slighty restricted diffusion but no hyperenhancement. PI-RADS3


No extracapsular disease is seen . Thers is no evidence of metastatic lymphadenopathy . The bladder and rectum appear 

unremarkable . No pelvic ring lesion is seen There are a couple of scierotic bone islands within the right acetablum and

right femoral neck.


Any advice or comments greatly appreciated. Have a follow up this Friday going over results.







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    AS looks still good


    I think that the MIR confirms the biopsy results. In your shoes (and if you can and wish) I would continue AS.



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    Ditto what VDG said. You are

    Ditto what VDG said. You are good to proceed with AS.

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    Thanks for the feedback ,

    Thanks for the feedback , thats what im planning to continue to due as long as possible

    and keeping a close eye on the situation. Best regards