Nausea took meds and woke in a pool of sweat

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Went to bed around 9:30 feeling so damn nauseous, took both nausea meds and prayed it would pass. Now just woke to body completely drenched in sweat like when a fever breaks. Is the the norm for chemo/radiation?? Chemo was Monday and I have been fine till this morning it kinda started with the nausea but tonight took the cake.


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    I had several times where I

    I had several times where I woke up with sheets so wet you'd have thought someone poured a bucket of water over me.

    I actually had to buy new sheets. By the time treatment was over my side of the sheets had holes in them. I assume the chemicals I sweated out wore out the threads.

    Probably happened 5 times during the entire time of treatment for me.