Taking a multivitamin during chemo

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My mom was diagnosied with cancer on her sternum a few months ago. Some treatments of radation took care of that one but another spot came up on her lung. She had her first rond of chemo about 4 weeks ago. I asked them could she take some natural supplements like Tumeric and CQ10 while doing chemo they said she couldnt for whatever reason. So that sucks. But Im wandering if she can take a whole food concentrate multivitamin while doing chemo? We are trying to put all the right nutritnets in her body with foods but adding a whole food mulitvitamin will help as well. 


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    Always check with the drs one this

    Any supplement can affect how the chemo works that is why they said no to the other stuff. It can make the chemo less effective. Always check with the dr with any supplement to ensure it does not counter act the treatment she is getting. I know you are just trying to find ways to help her and that all this is so stressful (not strong enough word for it - i get it trust me). Being there, helping around the house etc is an awesome way to support her. Best of luck to your mom!

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    some of those sups act like nsaids and cause blood to thin out among other things that could go on is what the doc told me, I’d just follow what the doctor says