Cancer and work

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Well since i couldnt get both of my cancer spots talen care of at the same time I decided to tell my boss and take a few days off for my second spot.  I let her know that this skin cancer is not a big deal like my last situation ( uterine cancer). Any ways i ended up telling one other coworker about the cancer.  Told her basically the same thing. Any ways there was one co worker i didnt want to tell because of how she treated me before and at times when it came up.  Well the word got out and she was full of questions.  I wish i would have just told her i didnt want to talk about it but i didnt.  I honestly didnt like all her questions she said to me in a very worried voice, you have had cancer three times. Do the doctors check your hole body for cancer.  

Sometimes i feel like that what people define me as, "Acancer patient"  im more than that.

Oh by the way i get this last cancer spot off this Wed.  Yea.  I want to put this behind me




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    It is hard

    It sure is hard navigating treatment, what, when, and who to tell. I was very open at work when I took leave for surgery and treatment. I've since changed my mind about that. My supervisor didn't want to give my responsibilities back "just in case". As for when people not in my inner circle ask how I'm doing I respond " fine, how about you?" Signalling the end of that discussion.