cancer using diatomaeous earth and apricot seeds



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    read the studies on chemo, any chemo? if you will notice, most studies will never compare chemo to a control group who are not taking any medication, but are diagnosed as well. Results... the addition of the chemo, extends survival  a mere 6-9 month vs not adding that particular chemo regimen, but at an added cost of $thousands of dollars per month... look, if you didn't have insurance to pay for the poison, do you think you would shell out 5-10$k per month for that crap, plus the complete degradation of quality of life in the interim ....? think of it this way, ever experience a hangover... well now, amplify that experience 2-3x and extend it over a period of 1 year... and now pay for it with thousands$... cmon... and btw, and check in with me 5 years, because you will get a recurrence!!

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