Question for those who have undergone radiation


Has anyone tried those donut pillows for vaginal/labia pain? I was just wondering if they work for that (I know they are made for hemmorhoid pain), if the hole is big enough to cover that part of the anatomy. I'm trying to deal with an irriated labia and I have cream that helps but it's not going to go away as long as I keep sitting on it, but I can't get through my day without sitting. Asking here because I thought maybe those who have had radiation in the vagina may have tried them.


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    HorseLvr, I had external and

    HorseLvr, I had external and brachy and was fortunate not to have any issues.  How much radiation do you have left, and what kind?

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    I'm not on radiation, I just

    I'm not on radiation, I just thought those who had might have used that type of product and would know it if worked.