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So, I got my medical marijuana card and visited the dispensar.  I’ve tried a few products (tictured, joints, gummies) and they have had absolutely no effect on me. It’s amazing how these things operate without giving a you any direction. I’ve resorted to taking advice from a few pot heads I know. I didn’t do this when I was younger so I’m clueless. Didn’t even smoke cigarettes.  is anybody having success with cannibas with pain, etc?


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    I think is pretty new to a

    I think is pretty new to a lot of us.  Florida allows medical marijuana but Wisconsin doesn't.  I have thought of trying it for my neuropathy but like you, I don't know if I smoke it (I've never smoked), eat it or rub it on my feet.  Keep me posted on how it works for you - maybe it's a delayed reaction???

    Love you!


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    Apparently I had a really good time in high school because I never had this problem. I smoked anything and everything I could get my hands on and the effects were just fine, or so I recall. Ah, the 70's... That said I have no comparable experience with the medical model but it seems that calibrating dosage is a common issue. I found two articles which might be of some use to you; I learned things I'd never thought about, despite living in California and having dispensaries everywhere:



    I know that Chris was using a prescription blend and had to take something to counteract the effects so she wasn't sitting in a happy daze all day. And, remember Helen's story about the complimentary cookie from her dispensary, which she absent mindedly ate on the way home and then barely made it upstairs? More reason to be sad that those two are no longer with us - they would have had some great answers for this question.



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    Happy Daze

    At this point, I wouldn’t mind a happy daze all day!  Thanks

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    LOL, Cheese!  I'm kind of

    LOL, Cheese!  I'm kind of looking for one of those dazy, happy nights!  That's when this d*mn neuropathy is really painful.

    Thanks for the links, Bobbi.  I'm going to check them out.