Daughter Taking Me

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My daughter is taking me to get my catheter out today and pick up my pathology report.  I cannot say enough about her and my wife , my best caregivers.  This is the human side of this.  The side that cannot be measured or dissected.  She is giving her mother a break.  I have had a lot of support through this including this site.  As I have already said, I will post pathology when I get home.  I am in good spirits, just taking one step at a time.  


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    Support is a huge advantage, lighter. Since PCa mostly happens to older guys, some at times have little or no support.  

    I remember "cath removal day" very well. It is of course painless.  Most guys have only minimal incontinence these days.  In many case, bladder control is fair within a couple days.  But pads may be a good idea for some time.