Peg tube with pain??

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Just a quick note. Did alot of you who had the peg tube inserted get severe pain after the procedure was done? I've heard some people say pain was really bad! My doc said I would only have soreness. I was just curious. Thx!!


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    Yes Suez39

    But like I said in the other thread, they gave me pain meds as soon as it started and sent me home with plenty so I was ok. I was told mine would be worse because I have no body fat and a muscular abdominal wall. Don't know if he just said that or what? LOL

    You will be ok dear, I promise you.

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    PEG gone wrong and PEG gone right.


    My first PEG was so wrong and so very painful, that I got another one and it functioned as advertised and pain free.


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    Mine was sore for a few days. I learned to wrap one of those waist belts around my stomach to hold in place and to prevent it from catching on stuff. It worked great.

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    Peg tube

    Thank you everyone for your feedback on this. Some have had good luck withe peg procedure others not. Hopefully everything will turn out ok.

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    PEG tube pain

    first night after I had 3 instances of severe abdominal cramping, the kind where you are unable to move or speak for a few minutes, was told by doc this is fairly common, and to avoid any strain on abdominals for first 24 hours

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    Yes, my husband said his hurt

    Yes, my husband said his hurt a lot! His doc said that happens sometimes and to take it easy and not use your abdominal muscles. It got better but it was never comfortable for him though. Hugs!

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    Everyone is so different... 

    Everyone is so different...   the PEG business proves it.  My husband feported no pain after his.  The doctor said the area would be packed with a lidocaine based substance to dull the pain for up to three days.  They used the same substance during his tongue surgery and again after his modified radical neck dissection.  In all cases it worked super well.  PEG was installed after radiation and chemo were underway, and a  "mucosal outbreak" had developed on his tongue.  His biggest fear had to do with the scope aggravating his tongue during the procedure.  He expressed those fears to anyone who would listen, and they did a good job.  You can do it too Suez39!   Husband now at end of week 5 of radiation and chemo - subsisting on liquid drinks...has not used the PEG.  

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    I had a very positive out

    I had a very positive out look on all things I perceived would help me win my life back. One was the Peg Tube. I did tons of research in advance as you are as my motto is "victory loves preparation", but I think there is a line that can be crossed here with too much worrying. Like you, I read about all of the side effects of the treatments and surgeries I'd undergo, asked a million questions, made lists, purchased recommend items etc. But I didn't want to preprogram my brain or that "inner voice" that much of this would happen to me. I am a believer that you can make things worse if you dont control that inner voice. And many of the side effects never did happen. My theory of the pain with the Peg was also that I was thickly muscled so when they punched the hole through my abdominal wall it was very painful. But with the meds, they quickly got it under control. Then it was just very tender for 3 or 4 more days. That Peg Tube saved my life, and for that I am very grateful.

    Also Suez, to answer your question about my particular treatment plan, I was treated with the three mega Cisplatin doses every three weeks concurrent with the 33 radiation sessions (I could only tolerate the first two Cisplatins as my hearing got creamed on the second dose). You are getting 7 much smaller doses which is not as prone to do as much damage. I had one oncologist pushing for the 7 doses, but my lead oncologist wanted the three big doses. Sigh...Im still cancer free, about to celebrate my one year mark in a couple days!  I am here for you Suez, we are all going to help you get through this!!!  Nancy

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    Peg tube answers

    After reading some positive results I know everyone is different. Body weight and type an important role. I do feel better and at the last minute another doctor wanted to do the insert. I did meet him. I did see that he was concerned. Thanks again for all your answers and Nancy glad happy for you that you are doing well! I glad you guys are going to help me through this. Means alot to me. Hugs always!