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Hi to everyone,

I am 5 and 1/2 years post treatment of base of tounge cancer. Dealing with many side effect of 35 radiation treatment and 3 doses cisplatin chemo. Sides effects include damaged thyroid, blood pressure issues, cervical issues,dry inflamed mouth and throat neck spasms and the list goes on. Managing all these with meds and daily care. Recently about 6 months ago something new started. Numbness and itching of the chin and lip area. I was told by GP could be a side affect from radiation since a nerves run through that area.. asking if anyone else has been experiencing this. I just joined the forum recently and found some posts dating back to 2011.

Any input is greatly appreciated.




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    Hi Tom... I would get it

    Hi Tom... I would get it checked out . I have chin and lower lip numbness . It was the initial symptom that led me to the oral surgeon who found cancer in my mandible.  Also surgery and subsequent radiation caused even more numbness in the same area.  Its probably the rads but please get it checked out anyway.  Wishing you all the best!

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    I have numbnes in my neck and

    I have numbnes in my neck and some times it gets very ıtchy. I am about 2 years after treatment. 

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    I am only 15 months post, but

    I am only 15 months post, but I do experience periodic neck numbness.  I treat it with various moisturizer creams because it seems to be related to the areas that also saw burns.  If I treat it will stuff like CeraVE and Aquaphor a couple of times a day it drops to barely noticeable.  If I skip it and go a couple of days I pay.

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    Cat scan

    thanks for the input I have a cat scan scheduled. Hoping for the best

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    I'll be praying for good

    I'll be praying for good results

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    Right after my surgery (SCC

    Right after my surgery (SCC Tongue), I felt like I had a Mr. Potato Head ear.  Two years later I still have numbness where they removed lymph nodes in my neck and in my chin.  It seems to come and go  in my chin but my ear is back to normal.

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    Numbness in lip and chin

    While everyone reacts differently, I'm 10 years post radiation for SSC in my tonsil. I still have numbness in my lip and chin area. The vascularization and nerve changes from radiation can take place for many years in some individuals. In 2015 a dentist mistakenly pulled a tooth in the radiated area which caused me to develope osteoradionecrosis. Three years later I'm still healing from that episode and now on top of it all, I've recently developed ringing in the ear on the radiated side along with bouts of vertigo. I've gone to my ENT doctor, hearing specialist, endocrinologist, and internal medicine doctors and my hearing and inner ear structures all tested out great. My internal medicine doc who saw me through cancer attributes it to more radiation changes because radiation altered the normal anatomy on that side. My ENT and radiation oncologist seem to agree. There are many other people who don't have these side effects, but some of us do. I continue to adjust and enjoy life and remain productive. 10 years later and I still believe I'm going to continue to beat all of this and look back and have a good laugh.

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    what happened?

    @fireman - since you were a number of years post when the dentist pulled the tooth, it seems the dentist was aware you had radiation treatment. Did he have the maps from the RO to know exactly where it would be safe to pull a tooth without risk of developing ORN? This is such a critical yet understood situation we all need to stay proactive on. thanks don

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    Ct scan

    i did have my CT scan and saw my oncologist who did scope me and said everything did look good, and ordered an MRI as a precautionary test. Yes my dentist did know about all my issues. That’s why I did not get an implant just a bridge ended up costing twice as much!,

    it just seems everyday you wake up there seems to be another little thing that seems different. Learning to deal with the issues and take it a day at a time.

    thanks for all the input.


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    Hi Tom,

    I realize this post is five years old., but I was wondering what ever became of the numbness in your chin.? I have the same in my chin and had MRI and CT that showed nothing and am now scheduled for a pet scan. Everything I read tells me this is a very bad thing. I am hoping When you receive this everything is OK with you. Thanks,