In the clear for 6 more months

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I'm just back from my lastest scan and MRI at Sloan Kettering.  I went back early because I have pain where I know that there is tumor growth, and was afraid that it had grown so much as to cause problems.

The tumor has grown, but only minimally, and would not be causing my pain.  As my surgeon (Dr. Paty) is convinced it is confined by the incredible web of scar tissue and adhesions that currently resides within me, he's content to continue to watch and not take any action at this time.  He's figuring at least 2-3 years before he has to operate again.  Radiation to obliterate the tumor might damage my bowel, and he doesn't feel that it's worth it at this time.  I have to agree, as I'm living a full, normal life, and would like to do so as long as possible.

I also learned that the location of my pain and the location of my tumor is not identical - the pain is lower down than the tumor (I thought that the tumor was down there as well.)

Also, based on my history of absolutely clean colonoscopies (4 done since 2007), he's letting me go on a 5 year schedule.  (That's with never having so much as a polyp or any kind of scraping/biopsy.)

So my appointment went as well as could be hoped for.  Back in 6 months.  (However, I still don't know what is causing the pain...)


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    That sounds like a really good appointment and glad that the growth isn't causing the concern you are having however it would be comforting to know what is.  Sometimes our bodies just put off some pain no one can explain.  Watch and wait is a good plan if he seems comfortable.  I'm so glad you are living life to the fullest.  You've been on here so long and I've watched your journey all these years.  Glad that you are still here posting.

    I'm too on a 5 year schedule for colonoscopies which scares me.  Dr. told me a 5 years is still considered high risk but when you start out at 2 years, then 3 years and then 5 years - it's a scary place to be after all we've been through.

    Enjoy your 6 months and take time to breath.

    Hugs! Kim

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    It sounds good

    but I am sorry they can’t tell you why you are in pain. I hope someone can help with that!

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    Throughout my diagnosis, and

    Throughout my diagnosis, and the two liver reccurrances, I've felt pressure under my right side ribs, where the liver is. Early on it worried me that I was feeling the tumor growth in there. Eventually I realized I, using a laptop all the time, leaned right because I hold the thing with my right hand, and type with my left. Dummy me. I'm glad your out to 5 year colonoscopies[me too], and that it's all being watched carefully.......................................................Dave

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    That's wonderful news!

    That's wonderful news! Congratulations! I wonder if the pain is from adhesions. Mine sure cause me a lot of problems.


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    In the Clear

    Good news!  Agree with others and wish your pain could be identified and treated...


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    JanJan63 said:

    That's wonderful news!

    That's wonderful news! Congratulations! I wonder if the pain is from adhesions. Mine sure cause me a lot of problems.


    That's our best guess

    Our assumption is that adhesions are  locking my bowel into place, so things have to move around corners, since my bowels no longer flex.  I also learned the precise location of my tumor (I only knew lower right quadrant before) and the pain is not where the tumor is, but rather is lower down.  Fortunately, the pain isn't constant, and hasn't been bad for a few weeks now.  I still get lots of other pulling from adhesions.

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    Great news about the scan

    Stay strong and healthy and keep things in check. 

    I hope the pain is an easy fix.