Stage IV Endometrial Cancer Treatment


I was diagnosed in 2017 (age 58) with Stage IV endometrial ovarian cancer metastasized to liver and lungs.  I was told I was not a candidate for surgery or radiation so was put on 6 rounds of Paclitaxel and Carboplatin.  Currently I am nearing the end of 6 rounds of Avastin and Doxil.  Long story short, nothing is really doing much for me other then decreasing the original tumor and tumor in my liver a little bit.  The small nodes on and in my lungs have been static with some growing slightly.

Here's my question,  has anyone with my same diagnosis been treated with anything new?  Has anything worked (gotten rid of tumors)?  

I'm wondering how my quality of life will be continuing on Avastin for an extended period of time (months) compared to going off of chemo for an extended period of time (which would likely allow my tumors to grow).


Thank you.


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    Hello and welcome. Have you had geonomic tumor testing, e.g. Foundation One? Or a tumor assay, where they test different chemo combinations against live tumor cells?