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In April 2017 I discovered a small growth on my face.  I went to the skin doctor to have it removed.  The doctor had the growth biopsied and it came back kidney cancer.  I was  then refered to an oncologist.  The oncologist ordered several scans of my entire body. The ct scan showed a tumor in my left kidney.   In May 2017 the kidney was removed.   I had contiued scans for the rest of the year.  All the scans came back good.  No cancer could be found anywhere.   We continued to watch throughout the entire year.  In January   2018  another small growth appeared on my face.  Once again I had this growth removed and once again it came back as kidney cancer.  More scans were done and all the scans came back good.  No cancer detected.   At this point the oncologist wants to start me on Sutent.   I would appreciate if anyone had a similar experience to comment.   All comments welcomed as I really dont want to go on Sutent but I guess I should.


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    I agree with stubs . If all

    I agree with stubs . If all your scans are clear and you are ned I would not start on any meds . I would always do surgery first and save the meds for when you might need them . Hopefully never. There are other members who have had mets . They will chime in . I have by Gods grace not had any mets .

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    Welcome, Icon.  I'm glad you found us.  After reading your story I couldn't help be struck by the complexities of this cancer.  This really demonstrates the oddities of RCC and how vigilent we must be in making sure we maintain our regular scans.  As far as advice--or better yet, opinion.   My opinion on this mirrors what several members  (one is Hd67xlch)  that have had RCC pop up in their lungs have done.  They had surgery to remove it (sometimes more than one surgery) and are still not taking any cancer drugs.  I'd follow their lead and maintain your scan schedule.  If something pops up again and surgery is an option--take it.  

    Good luck


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    So sorry you are here

    That does sound unusual 

    i do knows someone who had skin cancer then kidney cancer..

     both was successfully treated


    can I ask what your original pathology was if you don’t mind


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    My oncologist wanted to put me on...........

    Sutent or Votrient after both of my lung surgeries, and I refused both times, but thats just me. See my profile for details. Im 15 months NED again since my last surgery, some people go years between surgeries and manage to keep off the drugs, good luck.

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    Being able

    to avoid meds is living the dream. I envie all of you who develop the occaisional met and just have it removed. I would have preferred surgeries compared to living on all these drugs. I bet I'd still be golfing.

    Each of our histories can be so varied.