7 weeks since surgery

7 weeks y'all!!! And I'm on my second week back at work.. All is well and I feel wonderful! I haven't felt this good in 5 years. Fishing my first tournament this coming up Saturday. Been back in my boat the past two weekends and haven't had any issues since I started taking my multi vitamin and iron supplements. I've gained about 10lbs back of the 30 I lost. I look healthy again.. Black circles around my eyes are gone. If you had told me 5 weeks ago I'd be saying this at 7 weeks I wouldn't have believed you.  Hope everybody is doing well and if any of the new surgery guys/girls have any questions... Ask away... I've kept up with how my recovery went pretty close week by week. Everybody is different but it'll be close in sure. Especially if we are close in age. 


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    A neph is enough



    Now lets get back to life. Also please fill in your bio at My CSN Space.



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    Great news. So glad you are

    Great news. So glad you are on the upswing.

    Speaking as a former tourney fisherman myself.......I hope you weigh in a "Fat Sack" on Saturday and draw a check.

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    Thats awesome Jim

    Glad you're on the mend and feeling better.

    God bless & good luck with the bitin' fishy's.