partial nephrectomy questions

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64 year old male having partial nephrectomy next week. How bad is the after surgery pain? How long of a hospital stay did you have? If you had a drain tube how long was it kept in? WAs drain tube in side or back? How soon after surgery did they have you out of bed walking?  Any responses much appreciated.


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    I had the full at age 59



    From what I read the partial recovery is similar to a full. At 64 don't rush the recovery. Try and do what you can when you can. I wish I could tell you the recovery is pain free, but I would be laughed off this forum. The first few days are a bit rough. Then everyday gets a little better with maybe a bad day in between. I was back to a xlow normal in 6 wee.


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    I had a partial on 1/26. 

    I had a partial on 1/26.  Mine was open, so a bigger incision that I had to deal with.  They had me up walking that night.  I was in the hospital a week, due to complications from my bowels not waking up, but they took my drain tube out my last day there.  Not sure had I left after 3-4 days if I would have gone home with it.

    My drain was just under my right front side.  My incision was right along the base of my ribs and the drain about 3 inches under that.  One the side, but front.

    Honestly, the surgery pain wasn't that bad.  I just had that bowel thing, which made it tough.  I told my doc if it wasn't for that, I would have strolled out of there after day 2.  :)  You will do great!

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    I had an open partial and the

    I had an open partial and the pain was not nearly as bad as I had feared. My incision is about 4 inches, if that. I had surgery Monday morning, up walking that same night, and home on Wednesday. I did have a drain on the left side and went home with it because it was still draining on Wednesday. I had it in for about week. Annoying but I got used to it. Best advice, walk as much and as soon as possible. It helps you heal and also to keep your lungs clear. I was also using a breathing apparatus (spriometer or something) religiously to keep my lungs clear. All the very best to you and honestly, my fears and anxiety about the whole process was a lot worse than the actual surgery and recovery.

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    My partial was in June, 2016.

    My partial was in June, 2016.  the procedure started at about 3PM.  It took about three hours and I woke up in my room at about 8PM.  The nurse got me up immediately, which they told me they would do.  That was about ten minutes or so.  I slept quite well with no discomfort until about 6AM, waking only to drink water.  In terms of walking the next morning, I asked before they mentioned it.  I walked after a couple of abdominal surgeries and it helps the healing process a lot, and these nurses actively encouraged it.  I know there were four incisions, but to be honest, I don’t remember if that included the drain or not.  My drain was placed in my right abdomen and it was removed just before discharge.  When the surgical team came to see me, they removed the catheter (the worst part of any surgery) and said as long as my pain was under control and I could pee, I could go home.  I peed a couple of hours later.  Pain was never an issue for me, fortunately.  All I felt was some pulling from the material they usee in lieu of sewn stitches.  i Got out about 130PM on the day following th3 surgery.

    once home, i’d say I let my full recovery take about three months as I didn’t push too hard.  I increased walking distances on pretty much a daily basis, but I left other exercises (weights, abs, etc) on the sidelines until I felt confident I woul$n’t pop open.

    No surgery is fun, but of the three surgeries i’ve Had to endure, this was the least traumatic by a long shot.

    Best wishes for a surgery as equally routine as mine turned out to be.

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    Hi. I did not have a partial,

    Hi. I did not have a partial, but a radical nephrectomy. Please take your time in all things as being gentle and patient will be your best friend. Take all of the help you can get and drink A LOT of water. Get on top of the bowel regulation as soon as you can. You do not want that nightmare of constipation happening. Not after this type of surgery. I wish you all the best along with an uneventful recovery.

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    Hi Carter

    My partial was in August of 2016.  I checked in right away in the morning (5:30).  I remember being in the surgical waiting room by 7:00.  Surgery was between three to four hours.  I was in my room by 5:00 pm, walking by 8:00 and checking out by 1:30 the next day.  Absolutely amazing!  I took the heavy pain killers the first couple days then moved to tylenol.  Try to walk as much as you feel comfortable.  This will help in your recovery and getting your bowels moving again.

    Good luck!


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    Check in Monday. Surgery 12

    Check in Monday. Surgery 12:30,  less than 2 hours

    Partial, incision , 5 in. 

    Woke up with pain...

    Walking the next day, second day I walked almost 2 miles (30 laps to the floor where I was)

    Constipation is very real... so walk as much as you can

    The removed my drain on the third day

    reduce pain medication on the 4th day

    Went home bery early on Friday (Day 5)

    Good luck...

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    I almost forgot...They made me use the spirometer almost every hour , every day ....the first 2 days it was a little hard but is very important to keep your lungs working...

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    Yes, I also used the

    Yes, I also used the spirometer every hour.

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    Thanks for the replies

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going through a wide range of emotions right now and hearing from others who have been through this helps remove some of the anxiety and fear. As I told Stub, I think many people want to forget about their surgery, put it in the past, not talk about it, and I completely understand that thinking but thankfully there are those who choose to help others cope with this byway of sharing their own personal experience. Thanks again everyone. Very much appreciated.

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    Hi Carter63

    Hi, I had a partial laproscopically.   I like to think that days 1 -3 were a haze - out of bed straight away and moving - adided by some good pain relief.  Loved my catheter.  Had no drain.   Men and women apparently have different opinion on the catheter removal, but I didn't feel a thing.    Ate like a horse the whole time, from 2 hours post surgery with a lamb roast.   The referred pain from the gas is a bummer, but you will know what it is, it dissapates, there isn't much that touches it pain relief wise, so just don't worry about it being something wrong.   It is 'right' pain.   Just keep gently moving all the time.   Keep up with the breathing exercises to ensure the lungs stay healthy you will be surprised at how you can't breathe well afterwards.   Week 1 through 2 were gradual improvement every day.   My month 2 I was out and about but not fully up to speed.  My month 3 I was doing all my normal stuff and by month 4 had forgotten I had ever had an operation. 

    My key preparations:  

    Stool Softeners before going in for surgery, after surgery and until you stop any constipating meds. 

    Organise your medical appointments and how you are going to get to them, and any emergency care (who to ring, visit, who is open when)  before you have your operation.  If you do have an urgenty medical need it's always best to know who to go to first. 

    Get your sleeping place prepared - getting up may be difficult so a cushion to hold against your tummy, a sheet folded and used as a pull under the mattress, your favourite items near a recliner chair. 

    Organise how people are going to get in your front door without you getting up.... if you live alone or are alone sometimes.  

    Don't do too much too soon.  But keep moving. 

    Good luck. 

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    Welcome Carter

    I had a left partial neph in 2012.   Not much pain to speak of, only took pain meds once after I got home I'm happy to say.  Uncomfortable yes, but no real pain.  I was out of the hospital after 2 nights.  I did have a drain in the lower left abdomen but it was removed before my discharge.  I was up walking sooner than I wanted to, within a few hours of being awake with assistance.  Important thing.....keep up with your breathing exercises!  The last thing you need or want is to end up with is pneumonia.  The combination of laying around more than usual, sedation, pain meds and overall pain, if that applies to you will cause you to breathe more shallow and that in turn isn't a good thing for your lungs.  Take it from me, a former Respiratory Therapist.

    Best wishes,