Shook up a little- 4mm nodule

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I received my 3 month scan report. Urologist states no evidence of spread but I do have a 4mm nodule on my lung that the report says does not require any follow up? I'M LOST...Base line scan's CT of Pelvis and abdomen and xray of chest..I did not get the xray yet and this soot was found on what little part of my lung was in the CT scan..Do I now have them all over? SHOULD THEY not CT my lungs? 


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    My post-nephrectomy scan

    My post-nephrectomy scan showed two lung nodules - 6mm and 3mm. These have been monitored for five years now, via six month scans. They have not changed. 


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    Lung nodules are very, very common.....and many, many people have them.  They are usually nothing to worry about.

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    Nothing to worry about for now


    Your chest x ray dioes not pick up nodules under 8mm, only a CT chest can. They commonly have a follow up CT of your lungs to make sure the lung nodule does not grow. That follow up may be in 6 months or a year. Talk to your Doctor about this. I have been there and done that over the years.




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    I too have heard CT scans

    I too have heard CT scans pick up the smaaaalest of things. I was previously told I had something on my pancreas and just had my 3 mth scans...the ultrasound showed nothing. I believe it happens with the lungs too. I hope everything is ok!!!!

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    Hi! I'm surviving kidney cancer. Diagnosed at stage IV in September 2009. Surgically removed right kidney, right adrenal, and 5 months later one Met in my left lung. Watched as more cancers showed up in my lungs (all small and slow growing) and then faster growing ones in my left adrenal and a lymph node. Began Votrient Aug. 2016 and still taking it (600 mg). Quality of life generally good. Exercise regularly. Lately have noticed dark hairs growing back on my head and appetite getting better. Sense of taste improved as well. Wonder if the drug is becoming less effective? See my oncologist March 14th.