Pre-Menopausal Total Hysterectomy with Salpingo-Oophorectomy

I'm checking in to see if anyone has had a total hysterectomy with salpingo-oophorectomy before naturally starting menopause.  I'm pre-menopausal and my surgery is about a month out.  I won't be able to take hormones because I just got through bilateral breast cancer that was estrogen receptor positive.  

I'm worried about depression, anxiety, and any other psychiatric effects from the sudden drop in hormones.  My gyn oncologist said it can take about 2 months to adjust.  I am ready for the physical impacts, like hot flashes, but wonder about my mental health.  

Please response and let me know how it was for you if you had your ovaries removed pre-menopausal and how it effected you, especially if you were not able to take hormones.  

Thank you! 


  • Jewelzaz
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    Can’t say after surgery but can comment after chemo & radiation

    I was perimenopausal when I had chemo and radiation done. No cycle for a few mont now, but have seen an increase in hot flashes. I just started seeing a therapist because of bad anxiety. However, I was also in a roll over car accident on January 1st. We are trying to figure out what all is a factor, but I am taking meds to help with the anxiety as well. From support groups and oncologist it sounds like anxiety is pretty normal for cancer patients. My menopause has just started, but so far I’m doing okay considering everything.