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Had a painful lump come up on my throat this weekend. Swollen glands are nothing new to me, but this one is painful and seems harder then normal. Probably smaller then I'm thinking but seems huge. Going to wait a couple days. Has me a little worried.


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    CRashter, seems to me that is the best thing to do

    wait a couple days and if its still there and hurting then its time to have it checked!  Hope its just a swollen gland like we all get once in awhile from a flu or the body fighting some virus.

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    The "Three Day Rule"

    Glad you shared this, Marosa. In the last month, I've had my physician, my chiropractor, and my dog's veteranarian both tell me about the "Three Day Rule." Mainly, if it's not better in three days, give 'em a call (It makes me wonder: Did they all get credits from watching the same on-line inservice training?). It pays to take care of yourself.

    Obviously, this doesn't apply to chest pains, severe abdominal pains, respiratory distress, vomiting that won't stop, high fever, etc.

    And I also vote with Marosa -- Hope it's just something that's here and gone, just from body responding to an infection or virus.

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    As a hypochondriac, I've read

    As a hypochondriac, I've read my share of scary stories about swollen lymphnodes. Usually painful ones are considered "better" than non-painful ones. Because pain indicates very quick swelling, which is typically due to inflammation/reaction to some virus etc. Non-painful enlargement has a greater chance to be because of malignancy.

    And it is hardly unusual for a swollen lymphnode to shrink in 3 days. So in 3 days yours will definitely still be there. But if it is painful - of course you should check it with doctor.

    At the same time pain would make hypochondriac like me more cheerful, strange as it sounds  :-)

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    Good news

    RCC tumors don't "come on suddenly". That's good news. They are slow growing tumors. Doubtful anything RCC related would just spring up like that. If that's what you're worried about. Not sure that's what you're worried about...

    Stuff will almost always show up on scans before you feel them, if you're getting regular scans.

    Three day rule sounds good to me. Also, cancerour stuff doesn't usually come and go. Tends to be persistent once it starts causing a problem. So if it's gone in a few days, you can stop worrying about it. Actually, you could stop worrying about it now and just watch it. :)

    I know, easier said than done. But it does come to a point where you start to realize that worrying is counter-productive and it really is a choice. At least I think it does come a point...for many. For me, I've struggled with worrying for a few reasons 1) I'm afraid I'll forget 2) I think worrying means I care (hence not worrying means I don't care) 3) I think I might "figure it out" if I think hard enough 4) I've felt powerless to stop it 5) I'm afraid I'll miss something if I let it go...there may be other reasons.

    Hopefully it will pass soon and you can move on to thinking about something else.


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    I think it has me a little shook becuase it's different. In 53 years it has never done this. The pain is gone and the swelling has gone down some, so it's probably nothing. As far as scanning, I never get scanned above my chest.

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    no better.

    I see the doc on Wednesday.

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    Please keep us posted.


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    My lymph node has swollen to 1cm. The doc said if it was something bad, it would be bigger by now. Put me on anti-biotics for a week.

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    1 cm is nothing! I have

    1 cm is nothing! I have bigger one in my neck, ben like this for years after initial swelling due to tonsillitis.

    did you have neck's ultrsound?

    Get better,