Who has had reccurence on vocal cords?


Hey everyone, I've been doing some reading online (credible medical sources!) but I know it's better to hear from you all. In June I had a biopsy of growths on my vocal cords and at the time the doctor also used the laser to remove some of the growths on the one side. Once it came back that it was cancerous (early stage), it was decided that radiation would take care of it. I had 29 radiation treatments of my vocal cords and some surrounding lymph nodes (just in case) in July-August. I had an appointment with a laryngologist in December for my voice, who said my vocal cords aren't vibrating, which isn't very hopeful for recovery (see my other post about this if you're curious). But my vocal cords looked nice and smooth. Well I just had my 6 month check up with the ENT and now there are growths on the right vocal fold now. I told the doctor that my throat has been hurting on the right side when I swallow for at least 3 weeks. I didn't have pain the first time around, just a hoarse voice. The sore throat seemed to have started when I got a cold or sinus infection or something, so that's why I assumed I had a swollen lingual tonsil or something. I'm having a biopsy on Tuesday to see what the growths are, but I'm feeling very discouraged. It sounds like if it's cancer, I will have surgery to remove it. I'm worried that surgery won't help and that eventually I'll need a laryngectomy. I know I'm getting ahead of myself... but at this point, because it returned so quickly, I'm afraid of my survival prognosis.  I also have my 6 month CT scan scheduled for Monday so I'll know if it has spread on Monday. I think if I find out that it has, I'll really be scared.  I'm interested to hear how many people on here had radiation the first time and then needed to have treatment for recurrence.


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    Sending Prayers Your Way

    Dear aak16,

    I don't know of anyone, and I can't imagine what you must be going through. From everything you said, I do know that you are scared. Try to stay busy, surround yourself with positive energy and positive people, you will get through this.

    Hopefully, this is nothing more than scar tissue from the radiation. Please keep us posted.

    Sending Prayers Your Way Every Day,


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    Hello, I haven't had problems

    Hello, I haven't had problems with vocal cords but just want to respond to lend support because I have also been afraid during the course of this disease, and it can be immobilizing if we allow it. Take a deep breath and try not to look ahead. One good thing is that if you need further treatment they can let you know after the CT Monday. Take care, please let us know how you do. Hopefully, someone c the same experience might respond over the weekend.

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    I'm definitely scared. The first time barely phased me emotionally because I knew I would kick it. But having it come back again so soon gives me little hope. I've been trying to keep busy and around people to keep my mind off of it. Biopsy is Tuesday so I'll probably get the results sometime next week. Not sure what else it could be but hoping for the best! What could appear within 2 months?