Family member newly Dx-ed


With throat cancer. Still very early in the gathering of information stage, and he and his wife aren't ready to share a whole lot at this point, which I understand.

Tomorrow is meeting with RO, and MO, next week surgeon. Don't know for sure exactly what kind of cancer. His symptom was a large lump (Dr who first examed him asked him "and you can swallow??") 

Looking for insight, resources, anything anyone can suggest right now. I think they may be in the dazed and whirlwind/socked in the gut stage, but have a great attitue of gonna fight.





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    Good information available here


    I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are here seeking information for your family member. You found a good site with many knowledgeable people here that will be able to guide you/ family member along the road many of us have travelled. Once most of the Doctors visits are done and you/they know what they are dealing with, we can be more helpful. 

    Please keep us posted as to what you find out.

    My Best to You, Family and Everyone Here

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    Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry to hear about your family member.

    I guess he received a positive biopsy for cancer?  Sometimes, the symptoms are not cancer.  I just took my wife with me and asked any question we could think of.  They may give him a choice of options, but they generally give you guidance to arrive at the best selection.  This is not the end of anything, but the end of his cancer.  It can be a few months of “once in a life time moments”. But most of us do fine.

    I wish you much luck. 


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    Yes, the pathology of the

    Yes, the pathology of the biopsy was cancer, but I don't know exactly what kind. There was also a full body scan done the other day, but we have not heard of any results. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the responses. 

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    Sorry you're experiencing the

    Sorry you're experiencing the anxiety and concern that comes with having a love one gong through cancer.

    If it is SCC cancer, then take comfort in knowing that it is far more likely your loved one will come through this successfully - though it is a bumpy tough road. 

    Hopefully they will open up soon. Going through this alone or without your social and family circle only makes it worse IMO.