papillary serous carcinoma specialist

Can anyone make a suggestion on a Specialist Oncologist in Papillary Serous Carcinoma?


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    stu2017, where do you want to see this specialist?

    Hello stu,

    I would recommend that you see a gynecological oncologist as this is the medical specialty that treats Uterine Papilliary Serous carcinoma. I saw a specialist in Melbourne, FL as I was diagnosed with UPSC stage 3a. I read somewhere that there are only about 800 of them in the USA. 

    Best wishes to you.

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    Board certified gyn-oncolgist belong to the SGO (society of gyn-oncologists). You can find info on one's in your state at:

    Click on the link that says "click here to search our data base"

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    As already stated, YES to a

    As already stated, YES to a gynecologic oncologist.  Another search link: