Help on my Ultrasound results

legomom Member Posts: 1

Hi all! I just need to talk to people who have the same experiences I'm going through. I am so nervous, going out of my mind and freaking out!!! I am waiting to be scheduled for an FNA biopsy and I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks now. Like majority of people, I've been on the internet, researching what the results of my ultrasound may mean.

I am 35 y.o. and had an ultrasound on my thyroid on Oct 30th, in which they found nodules. Results state:

"In the left lobe, there is palpable partially circumscribed slightly hypoechoic, heterogeneous hypervascular solid nodule measuring 3.6 cm transverse diameter by 3.2 cm sagittal diameter by 1.4 c, AP diameter."

"The remainder of the thyroid is diffusely heterogeneous in texture with multiple ill-defined heterogeneous, hypoechoic areas measuring up to 5 or 6 mm."

"There is a 4x3 mm hypoechoic nodule versus debris-filled cyst in the upper pole of the right lobe."

"OPINION: Indeterminant heterogeneous solid left thyroid nodule. Biopsy and surgical consultation recommended."


Could anybody please enlighten me as to what these results may mean? I know there is no way to know for sure whether it's benign or malignant until after the FNA, but if there's anyone out there that may have the same or almost the same findings, I am asking for your help to enlighten me a bit if my US results are gearing more towrds benign or malignant results. I'm just really, really anxious. Waiting is such a nerve-wracking experience!!! I feel like I am making myself sicker with the stress and pressure of not knowing for sure. Added to the fact that I really have no one to confide to. My family knows about the nodules that were found and that I am waiting to get an FNA, but I really don't talk to them beyond that and how stressful I feel. I just don't want to worry any of them, so I don't really talk.

Thanks everyone!