5 weeks post op from partial nephrectomy

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And having some issues one is I feel dizzy on occasion and I have abdominal pains now and then they are going to do another scan next week of my pelvis and abdomen to make sure nothing's going on. Also had to have a stricture taken care of an in-office procedure now I have to self cath two times a day to keep it clear for one month and then one time a day for the next month and then the month after that every other day, I'm sure the catheter caused me to have this stricture didn't have any issues before that. 

They are going to keep me out of work another few weeks till they figure out what's going on with these occasional dizzy spells. 

I seem to tire so easily is this normal?

Thanks again you've all been great resources



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    Sorry for the complications

    I can't comment on the stricture but I hope you have a quick recovery. Five weeks is really not a long time for your surgery. Past posts factored in age, pre fitness level, prior health problems. Your body is still recovering. Your body is at a new normal.  Listen to your body the fatigue will pass.

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    Dizziness and tiredness could

    Dizziness and tiredness could be due to anemia, especially anemia caused by iron deficiency. I was diagnosed with it a month or two after my partial neph and started taking 2 Slo FE tablets a day as per my doc. It helped tremendously. My hemoglobin was very low and my iron store was practically nonexistent. If you haven't had one yet, get a CBC including checking for iron. Even if they do a CBC they often neglect to check for iron deficiency, which typically preceedes anemia.

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    I went back to work after five weeks

    I still have flash backs about how long it used to take me to walk to the ladies toilets in those first two weeks... shuffling along clutching my wound

    Then it starts to get better

    sorry your other problems are holding you back as well. 

    Stay strong... it won’t be long now


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    Hang in there

    I’m sorry you are having a hard time. I am 6 weeks out. Still get tired easily. I feel it gets a little better every week. I have noticed mild dizzy spells that last a few seconds. My dr. Keeps reminding me it was major surgery as do the members here. It takes a bit to get back to normal. Most of us did laproscopic, so we forget the magnitude of what has happened inside. In the old days when they had to cut you in half you had a reminder it was a big deal. At least that’s what the doc tells me. Good luck. You are not alone.