dry orgasism after rp

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ITS TRUE!!      the shocking part is i am  getting there with a flacid penis--go figure.  7 weeks post rp--no cancer, 90% continent and able to orgasism without a mess--one lucky guy. have started viagara to help with blood flow but after having only 50% of nreves sparred there is not much taking place down yonder as of yet .By the way ,i will rate the 'dry orgasism" at about 80% of the real thing.


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    Lucky guy


    i am glad you feel lucky for having dry orgasam with 80% quality of pre surgery orgasams.

    Orgasams for me after RP are nothing, non existent. Just to mention, I experienced my first one after RP at about 6 month time.

    it takes a marathon to have 1/100 of second orgasmic sensation.