Results from PET/CT look great

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I just got the results from my PET/CT Scan and it’s good news.

No spread and only thickening of soft tissues in the presacral space, unchanged in size and decreased hypermetabolic activity.

My Oncologist indicated I would not need another scan for a year. 

Not NED but PFS (progression free survival). And my Neuropathy is almost resolved. Still on maintenance chemotherapy.




  • JanJan63
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    Yay! Great news!

    Yay! Great news! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. It's so hard to get the results, so scary, and when it's good news it's such a relief. Thank you for sharing it with us!


  • Canadian Sandy
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    Great news! Hope for many

    Great news! Hope for many more pfs’s.

  • BRHMichigan
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    Always wonderful to hear good news. You need to celebrate! 



  • Tunadog
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    I’m jumping for joy..

    Cool  Making some plans 

  • lizard44
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    Great News!

    So  happy your results were good. What maintenance therapy are you on?


  • Ruthmomto4
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    This is fabulous news!!!!

    I am so happy for you!! You are going to get Tru's dancing man for sure! Make those plans and live your life!! Woohoo!!

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    Another opportunity...

    Congratulations.  Enjoy the reprieve and live each day fully.


  • Tunadog
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    lizard44 said:

    Great News!

    So  happy your results were good. What maintenance therapy are you on?


    Xeloda and Avastin

    Avastin infusion every three weeks with two weeks of 3500 mg Xeloda.

    Then a week off, that’s my Maintenance Chemotherapy


  • NewHere
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    Awesome News

    Rock on - know you said not using term NED, but I made these graphics and need to make a PFS for you. Cool  



  • plsletitrain
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    Wow congrats

    I'd give anything to hear the same news too.  May you continue being PFS forever.

  • Annabelle41415
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    That is wondering news.  It's nice not having to face another scan just right around the corner.  Sounds like you are doing very well and doctor is happy with scan.  Great news.


  • Trubrit
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    Wat to go!


    How I love posting my little guy. It means happy news. 

    May you continue NED. 


  • Mickeyclaude
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    news like that is why I keep com8ng on here, so happy for you