Platelets at 64


I am thinking since my platelets dropped from 84 to 64 in two weeks that I will be below 60 on the 2nd next treatmen. I have had a reaction the last two times from chemo.


  • Trubrit
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    I am sorry to hear this

    I too had problems with my platelets, alond with my white and red blood count. Chemo was cancelled every time, and that is very disheartening because you just want to see the end of treatment, and not have it continuously put back. 

    I was told there is nothing to do to get the platelets back up, so a waiting game. 

    Chin up. You will get through it. 


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    Sorry to hear. I know

    Sorry to hear. I know Neulasta and other injections can boost white cell production, but I haven't heard of anything for red cells. Hope it rebounds for you, having treatment disrupted is a frustrating thing......................................Dave

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    Allergic reaction

    Allergic reactions from chemo are not helping.

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    my hubby has had to deal with

    my hubby has had to deal with low plat levels also. he actually stays in the 40's now and luckly our dr will treat him seems that seems to be his "norm" but each treatment it is a wait and see based on all his other levels with the plat #'s.

    (((hugs))) I know how difficult the wait and see is

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    low counts

    Sometimes our oncologist gives us Neulasta for low white blood cells.  Procrit for red blood cell and also iron infusions.

    You can see if they can give you Platelet Transfusions.  Not sure how that works since we never tried that.

    The lowest platelet count my mom had was 35 and they just gave her iron infusions and procrit.  Once in awhile she dips below 90s.  But normally she runs around 100-110.

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    Low platelets
    Sorry to hear your platelets are low. I have had low platelets
    3 times and it is so disappointing not to be able to get the
    treatments on time.