Surgery Complete

Hey y'all!! I'm on my way to recovery!! I had my robotic assisted partial nephrectomy on my right kidney on Tuesday. Everything went well and my doctor's were very pleased with the surgery. He said the tumor was actually a little smaller than what was thought according to my scans so that was great. He used a small grape as a reference and said it was roughly two centimeters. I'm up and walking around drinking and eating everything in sight. I had been so depressed about this whole deal that I had not been eating good prior to surgery so I was very hungry by yesterday!! I've done so much praying and thanking my Lord and savior for being there for me and pulling be through. That gas they use was the worst.. The shoulder pain following surgery was unreal... My only relief was on my feet walking... It helped the most. I also wanna thank you guys for all the input leading up to surgery day.. it helped me so much to know what to expect. I have a follow-up appointment in two weeks to discuss future scan intervals.. my doctor said after surgery probably have one at 3 months and then every year for the next few years. My goal now is to get a clean scan behind me and work on getting back to full strength!! Thank you guys so much!! , Jim H .


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    Piece of cake

    It is a big relief to get thhe initiation over.



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    Great news

    all sounds promising and glad you are on the other side

    dont rush anything 


    keep us posted on your pathology and your recovery

    great way to start the year by getting in there quick



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    I remember the shoulder pain. Pretty rough.

    It sounds like you are recovering well.


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    getting there

    So glad to hear the surgery went well. Keep us posted!

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    icemantoo said:

    Piece of cake

    It is a big relief to get thhe initiation over.



    It sure is!! Goodness...I had

    It sure is!! Goodness...I had nearly driven myself crazy but now my Marine Corps personality is kicking in... The...I won't let this destroy me personality...I won't let this run my life!! I'm gonna get in the gym as soon as my doctor will let me and I'm gonna push that metal and get back to being who I was before this diagnosis. It's the only way I know... I'm not a quitter and I'm gonna survive!! Thank you guys so much!! This has been such a humbling experience and it's let my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ blossom and that's something so special!!!

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    So glad it's behind you. Now

    So glad it's behind you. Now just focus on healing and getting back to your old self. All the best!

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    Happy all went well. Rest and

    Happy all went well. Rest and recover.

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    Wishing you a quick recovery

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    Congratulations!! Hoping for

    Congratulations!! Hoping for a smooth recovery!

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    How long did it take for you

    How long did it take for you guys to feel "normal" again? Or, should I say something close to normal because I'm not sure I'll ever be normal again. I'm ten days post op now and I feel that on a scale of one to ten... I'm at about 6.5 maybe. I'm not sore anymore and I'm moving around good. I'm a fisherman so I've been busy going thru all of my tackle and putting new line on all my reels for this coming up tournament season. That's kinda another deal.. any ideas how long before I may be able to get in my boat again?? It's a bass boat so it can be really rough and bounce you around a lot. I go back for my follow-up appointment on Tuesday and I'm gonna ask my doctor about it but just wondering if anyone has experience with boating after a partial nephrectomy. I should have my pathology report on Tuesday as well .I'll post it as soon as I have it. I do remember them telling me the day I was getting ito if the hospital something about my tumor being a  t1 tumor... But I was in a lot of pain that day and don't remember all of the other numbers he gave me.  Thanks guys!!

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    Everyone has a different experience. I was back to a slow normal at 6 weeks but did not try water-skiing until almost 11 months out for my 60th birthday.



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    Don’t test your good luck

    you have had good till now.

    dont push it

    I am  the most  cautious person in the world so i say wait four weeks at least... but minimum six if you aren’t too stir crazy(but I suspect you want to go yesterday)


    a wound in a boat and a large bass at the end of your line (shudders)



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    Congratulation on the surgery

    Congratulation on the surgery being over, time to recover. Take it easy and dont rush it. It took me a little more than the six weeks to recover. I am slowy getting back to I to my new normal. 

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    Hey Jim,

    So great you are through surgery and on the recovery road.  That Marine Corps attitude will serve you well if you let it be patient with your body.  You've heard from a number of people, "Don't rush it" and I'll add my voice to that.  As for the bouncing boat - I was on a boat 8 weeks following surgery for 2.5 hours each way on choppy Atlantic off the Irish coast.  Tender and more than a bit nervous about getting in and out.  The up-and-down motion was tender for a while (jogging, zumba, etc.)  Take care

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    Thanks guys!!! That's why I

    Thanks guys!!! That's why I love this group!! I knew somebody had already been there done that!!! Yes... I've been going slap crazy laid up in my house. Y'all are talking to a workaholic!! Lol!! I work as a GM master technician by day and then most nights I keep all my friends and neighbors cars and trucks running. Then I fish tournament's on the weekends.. but to be honest.. I'm focused on long term and I wanna make sure when I do come back .. Im at 100 percent and strong. I have a few aches and pains here and there but I think from the reading I've done.. I'm about normal for ten days out. I'm beginning to not think that every new pain isn't some other cancer!! Ughhh!!! I hear that's normal for a while to!! Just taking it day by day and trying to keep a positive attitude. Thanks for all the info.. I wanna say that this board is priceless and should be recommended by doctor's when diagnosed.