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I am new as of today.  I have had tongue cancer.  My radiation and chemo was completed the end of october.  I am recovering from the side effects including hair loss.  I went and had my hair cut short but now my question is should I take it to the scalp look.  Will this make my hair grow back thicker and faster?  Also should I use rogaine to help with hair growth.


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  • phrannie51
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    I don’t think so...

    I cut mine short, like you.....and it thinned out....but I don’t think shaving your head will make it come back faster or thicker. No chemo....and a good diet for 6 or 7 months, and I think you’ll see your hair getting thicker and more healthy. 


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    Give it time...

    My husband was told it would be 3-6 months before his hair would grow back.  It isn't a big concern of his since he didn't have much to begin with.  I imagine, like you, I would be feeling more concerned as a woman.  His radiation doctor advised 3-6 months and it sounds like you are getting close to three months out (congrats!)  Maybe you can hang in there a little while longer and nice, healthy hair will soon start filling in. 

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    I had a friend who had breast

    I had a friend who had breast cancer but refused treatment because she didn't want to lose her hair.  Sadly, she is no longer with us.  Perspective is everything.

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    My mustache fell out about

    My mustache fell out about week 6 of treatment, it just fell off from touch.  It grew back months later slightly greyer but pretty much the same.  I had little on top to start, seem to have lost none.  I have a permanent bare spot on my jaw from radiation, but it is smaller than predicted.  After the chemo works its way thru things mostly go back to 'normal' tho I found that it takes several months.  Where radiation hits that is not true, and I see permanent effects.

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    I was told I’d never be able

    I was told I’d never be able to grow a beard again. My hair did in fact fall out on my face, and that was really sad. However, after it fell out, these small white whiskers are growing. I still have another week and three days of radiation treatment, so I am wondering if these small hairs will stay or not. Time will tell.

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    For Women..

    Suggested to me - a generic (I have walmart brand) Pre Natal vitamins, even without chemo/rads and everything, they are good for your hair and nails - they have 100% of just about everything we need.

    They got me off Magnesium and Potassium infusions!