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back in the summer DH age 38 was diagnosed with stage 4 14/18 lymph nodes were positive and a small liver met. Had a foot of his colon Removed and a baseball size tumor, then about a month later have the liver ablation. A month after that he started chemo of Folx, avastin and the pump for 46 hours. He just completed cycle 10. Doing well with side effects, but struggling a little mentall/psychologically which. After the 4th cycle we went to MDA and had 1st clean scan. Flew back down last week and had 2 clean scan. The oncologist there said to finish up the 12 cycles and chemo could stop. We go back for scans in 3 months. DH took reports to the local oncologist and told him what MD dr. Said. Local dr. Told DH he should continue with chemo after the 12. This wa the only appointment I missed, so I haven't discussed with the dr and DH didn't ask questions and just said he would not keep going on the chemo he is on now. for stage 4 do most sty on chemo after the 12 cycles with clean scan? I am guessing the doctor is wanting to do a maintenance chemo option? Would chemo keep going if scans continue to be clear? Any experiences you have would be greatly appreciate! CEA's only been above 1 twice and is checked at least every other week, but I am guessing not a good indicator for DH.

thank you!!


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    Sorry for all the typos!

    Sorry for all the typos!

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    Good to hear

    The clean scans are a great indicator that the treatment is working.  Whether or not they want to do maintenance treatment is up to his doctor.  It all depends on where it was and the treatment that was done before.  It would be good for someone to help you with this question because I'm not able too, but I'm glad he is responding well to treatment. 


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    Thank you so much! It has

    Thank you so much! It has been a roller coaster ride for sure. I am worried that DH will refuse to stay on treatment so I hope to gather as much info before the next doctors appointmen. he has done very well with all of this, but he is struggling and the anxiety the fist day of treatment is getting worse. He is now on meds for HTN, has a blood clot and is just exhausted. Hopefully he will at least get a break after the 12th cycle is completed. We contribute the treatment some for the clear scans, but ultimately we gave this to God and know that is the true reason DH is doing so well!

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    Hi Pamcakes

    Just wanted to say hello, I am so sorry that you and your significant other are struggling with this awful disease. It sounds like he has been through a lot for sure. I realize that you and he are in the fight of his life, it's incredibly hard. As a person that as been through exactly as much or more as he has, I thought I would chime in with my 2 cents.

    It sounds like you all have done all the right things, taking the chemo and doing the surgery. I've done both also, just not as much chemo due to intolerance. I also had 28 radiation treatments. Your post touched me about his struggle with the mental and emotional part of all this. I am in a huge struggle right now. After all I've been through, to continue on I must do more chemo and a possible radiation treatment to my liver because it has spread. I'm stage 4.

    I totally empathize with DH. After all the fighting, you do get so exhausted. Sick of being sick and tired like the old saying says. I'm not suggesting that he give up, I'm just saying maybe don't push. My sister is very pushy and has pushed me throughout this whole ordeal. She is very type A personality and sometimes I don't feel like talking about tests, procedures and just more visits. DH and I both need time mentally and physically to process all this. It's harder than it looks. It's been since November 2nd since my last chemo treatment and I still am not ready to face more. My sister reminded me the other day how long it's been and the fact that my CEA has continued to rise from 30 to 94.5. When I told her my last result she said, "oh that's not good!" to which I replied, I know that but I don't need to hear that it's not good! I am a retired RN also so I understand.

    Pamcakes, I just wanted to tell you how it feels to be on the other side of the equation, not that I think you are or have been pushy, I don't know. It's impossible for you to not worry. I would just encourage you to let him make the decisions about continuing treatment or not. Either way is going to be challenging.

    Much love to you and DH, I pray that things go smoothly as possible for you both. You are in my prayers.