New Diagnosis Lung cancer upper right lobe combined with Stage 5 renal failure

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Hi all

Im new to this group and I wondered if you would not mind answering some questions I have.

Tweave years ago I had a kidney transplant which has now failed  

Seven months ago my consultant nephrologist suspected the possibility of a renal lymphoma and ordered an ultrasound scan.  

This returned clear but as it was the first time lymphoma was ever mentioned I felt that an ultrasound scan alone was not an accurate enough appraisal when searching for cancerous cells which could spread and asked for a PET scan.  

This was refused time and again until I put in a complaint against the hospital. Only then was the scan was finally arranged in December.

Two days ago I had a telephone call with the results.  

This showed the PET scan had ‘lit up’ in one place only where I was told there was a suspected tumour.  

This apparently had grown 15mm x 8mm in my upper right lung lobe which now has to be operated on immediately. 

I asked if there was any any possibility that this could be a mistake and was told that until we operate to remove it , ‘ we cannot ever be sure it is cancerous but we have seen enough scans to know we have to act quickly’.

Everything is now moving so fast and I can’t get any direct answers.

I have also heard that the prognosis is not good for patients with combined lung cancer combined with transplant failure.  I have always been very concerned about having to take Cyclosporine and Mycophenolate because they are carcinogenic drugs anyhow but there seemed no other option. 

How far advanced would a tumour of this size be in terms of lung cancer?  

Would this tumour be particularly advanced or early stages as I have no idea.

Can someone please reply.




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    Don't have your answers, but

    Don't have your answers, but suggest you post at There are always people over there willing to help, listen and advise. As far as the size of the nodule in your lobe, it is not large, and probably early stage, IF it is cancer. Only a biopsy can confirm cancer. Wishing you all the best....