Final stretch tips? Encouragement?

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Here we are on the seventh week of radiation with three treatments left.  Seven cisplatin treatments have been completed!  My husband was doing fairly well and we have somewhat successfully managed side effects as they have emerged.  Today it was like the wonder twin powers of the acculumated chemo and radiation activated in the form of a bomb cyclone.  Fatigue, headache, nausea, vomiting, sore everywhere.  Hoping this isn't the norm for the next couple of weeks, but just a really rough day.  Any tips for those last few treatments and the first few days after?  I've been reading the threads and have found this sounds pretty typical, but still, it is hard to live through and watch him go through.  I'm trying to encourage as much as possible and he is trying to stay positive too.  I'm pushing the fluids and up to this point, he's been eating and drinking pretty well, but I'll be keeping a very close eye on hydration as we move forward.  Any tips, or just a word of encouragement is good too.  I know many of you have been there and are on the other side! 


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    Hang on

    The month following treatment was by far the worst for me. The Chemo and Radiation continues to do it thing inside our bodies for quiet some time. Just treat any symptoms he is having and stay on top of the pain and nausea. You guys are in the home stretch and better days are soon to follow. Be sure to use a good skin barrier like Aquaphor if he has any neck burns. It helps the body keep moisture in and bad bugs out.  Good Luck.. Drive this thing to the finish line. 

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    almost there


    One thing I did, which wasn’t ordinary was I asked if my wife could watch a rad treatment and she did watch it.  It is different, but not weird and she liked it.  To finally see what was behind the door was interesting.

    I am glad you have done so well and hope today was just a bad day. I hope the rest of the week goes well.


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    Eating adequate calories is

    Eating adequate calories is so important, and if you are worried about hydration ask your med onc if you could do IV hydration. I’ve been having 2 liters pumped through my veins 5 days a week because I simply cannot keep up with the amount of water I needed. No shame in that. Since your husband had cisplatin, they mustve given you the cocktail of anti nausea meds. Take those as frequently as you can to curb the radiation induced vomiting. Hold tight, put something funny on the TV, and give lots of hugs. This too shall pass.

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    You’ve come far - keep

    You’ve come far - keep pushing and the sun will shine soon... bill

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    Just -

    Remember where you've been, and remember why, and where you're going.

    Mantra - This too shall pass.


    Unfortunately, yes, the next few weeks are going to be worse than anything thats gone before, but as my Rad Onc said, "One day at a time, it'll get to a point where you dont feel as bad as you did the day before.. and so on" ask about neck treatment NOW before it happens, dont assume it wont, because it probably will. How to clean, what cream, what bandages, everything.

    I didnt take pain meds thru treatment, but I sure took them the 2 weeks after!


    And remember, we've all been there, ask us anything, if we can help, we will.

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    It has been nearly a week since I started this post and I'm happy to report the side effects have evened out a bit.  Taking Zofran for a few days helped curbed the nausea.  Once that was at bay, it became easier to hydrate, which helped overall.  Now the focus has been on resting, hydrating, some exercises and stretches, eating (jello and chicken noodle soup), interspersed with mouth rinsing to fight mouth sores (salt and baking powder), neck care, and taking pain medicine.  In a holding pattern now, which I expect from reading your comments and the previous threads to last for a few weeks.  One day at a time - good way to live!  Thanks for your encouragement!  Very helpful!