Wound healing

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Hi, I had a partial nephrectomy 2 weeks ago just wondering how long before the wounds heal and for the scabs go away also and many of you dealt with itchy scabs as they heal up and for those that did how did you deal with the itching?

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  • Angiebby75
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    I still have sensitivity at

    I still have sensitivity at my incision area, and I am about 10 weeks out.

  • Bay Area Guy
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    My scabs went away in about

    My scabs went away in about 12 weeks.  The only itching I had was from the sealant they used in lieu of stitches.  That pulled a little bit and it made me itch.

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    I never had scabs but still

    I never had scabs but still itch the odd time. I am around 8 wks out. Pls.remember the outside heals quicker than the inside ;-)

  • Jparra48
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    I’m 5 weeks post op from

    I’m 5 weeks post op from partial nep and still itching. I’ve been putting vitamin E oil on my belly. Seems to help a bit. Still very sore and having pains here and there but nothing compared to after surgery 

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    Im actually 3 months after my

    Im actually 3 months after my total nephrectomy. I can still feel the inside incisions. I had robotic and one of the most bcisiobs on my upper right did not heal well. I’ve had surgery three times before but this is a lot more serious and therefore a longer healing period. I’m still active and live my normal life.

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    3 weeks out

    3 weeks out I have scabs on 4 incisions. My 5th is a gaping hole that got infected. Im almost done with keflex. They have me packing because otherwise it will take longer to close. Off pain meds, but that one hurts behind it quite a bit. Even ibuprofen doesn’t take the edge off. Has anyone had that? The itching, I scratched the skin between incisions. Seemed to help! I can report week 3 not as itchy! Good luck!