Terrible nausea 3 weeks after treatment

I completed treatment 3 weeks ago. My six week treatment was interupted by 10 days in the hospital for neutropenia, infection, dehydration, then completed the final week. Has anyone else had terrible nausea after treatment? How long did it continue? Thank you 


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    Hi and welcome.  I'm glad to hear you are finished with your treatment, but sorry you had a rough time and had to be hospitalized.  I didn't deal with nausea post-treatment like you are experiencing.  My best suggestion would be to talk to your doctors and see if they can give you some anti-nausea meds.  I hope you can find some relief real soon and may your treatment be successful!

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    I got hospitalized for neutropenia and infection too, but did not have too much nausea. You've gone through too much to have to deal with  nausea at this late date- I agree you should call your treatment team and see what they can do.

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    I was on 4 different anti-nausea meds, and honestly, the thing that worked best for me was marijuana.  It's the only thing that made me want to eat.  

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    I had nausea, mouth sores.  I

    I had nausea, mouth sores.  I was on 2 meds for nausea and one med to make me hungry.  Nothing worked.  I had lost 30 pounds.  My son recommended I try marijuana.  I checked with my oncologist and he had no problem with me smoking pot.  It was the only thiing that worked.  I recommend marijuana, without it I hate to think how much weight I would have lost because of the nausea