Finally home

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I was finally released from the hospital, yesterday, after having a partial hand assisted lapro as well as my gallbladder removed on the 22nd of November. It was not pleasant at all. While I was in the hospital I had trouble with my blood pressure being too low so I couldn't get the pain medicine I needed until that was corrected, had to have two units of blood, dealt with low potassium, migraine headaches from medication and then after everything started going well, couldn't empty my bladder. I still don't have much of an appetite. I start to think that I am hungry, smell the food and change my mind. 

I am so happy to be home though. I missed my three children more than words could explain. This was the longest that I had ever been without them so I attacked their little faces with kisses as soon as I could. I slept for much longer periods at a time last night and I sure it's because I was in my own bed. I am SOOO happy that the surgery is behind me and recovery has started. My Dr said that results should be in today or tomorrow. 


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    Glad you are safe

    And home

    Its not easy but the hard part all done


    rest rest and rest and hoping you get good  news


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    Glad you made it through and

    Glad you made it through and are recovering at home. It is not an easy process. I hope things get better quickly for you!

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    Glad you are home!

    Wishing you a fast recovery.  Enjoy those little ones they grow so fast ;)

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    Best Wishes

    on your continued recovery.  Please take it slow, take it slow, take it slow.  Those lovely little people won't know how much energy is required to fetch and carry for them, I know your natural instict as a mum will be to care for them, but please don't do too much, your recovery and your ability to deal with any further set backs will be beter if you take it slow! 

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    WOW so sorry you had a rough

    WOW so sorry you had a rough start. You get such strong meds for anesthesia, then potent opiates right after..geesh.

    Plus you are on THEIR schedule and I swear, can never rest in the hospital.

    Yes, I could FEEL your love for your family. Were they able to see you while in the hospital?

    Now make sure you are not anemic. I had to beg my doc to check. I was anemic, makes a huge difference in feeling better.

    AND ICE ICE ICE is your friend. Helps reduce the swelling and edema. I also wore this lumbar velcro wrap used for bad backs. It has additional straps to pull tighter if needed. It helped keep those sore muscles secure and supported. Helped me to get uP from sitting or bed. And I used to put ice packs inside it right over the incisions (over underwear). As a result I needed less to no opiates. 

    ASK for help even if you start to feel better. Your insides need to heal and it takes a long time. I was told no exercise except for walking for 1 month. 

    Keep in touch when you can. We're here for you. 

    On to better recovery!

    Healing hugs, Jan

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    Well, you have went through the toughest movement. Rest well & speedy recovery!!!!

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    Glad you are home!!!!! There

    Glad you are home!!!!! There's nothing better than  hugging your children!!!! :)being away from mine was one of the hardest parts for me while being in the hospital.   Praying for a speedy recovery!!! :)