Hi friends, old and new


I've not been active on the board for a while, but I'm baaaaaack!  I lurk here now and then, but only recently decided to become "present" again, mostly because of my old friends that have departed.  Not to bring up sadness, but damn, there's too many wonderful ladies that have left since I joined a few short years ago.  I've been running as hard as I can through life, hoping to outrun this cancer, don't think it will work but it's been fun this year.  Traveled with my sister and niece (she's a Ironman triathlete) so I've traveled coast to coast with them.  As I'm settling in for a long winter I reflect on life.  Instead of saving those fancy towels for guests, I'm using them!  Also, putting up that Christmas tree that required hours of assembly, and trying not to let anymore time go by without celebrating "time".  So, "here's to us" for as long as we have.  Hugs Nancy


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    So good

    to hear that you are living life big, Nancy. Keep it up. 

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    I'm so glad to hear from you,

    I'm so glad to hear from you,  Nancy. When we hadn't heard from you for awhile I feared the worst. Sounds to me you're having the time of your life and I'm so happy for you!!!!



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    Cheers to you, Nancy!!  Grab

    Cheers to you, Nancy!!  Grab life by the straps and take it for a ride!

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    So good to hear from you

    So good to hear from you Nancy. You sound happy. I'm glad you have been busy and are truly living life! Funny about the towels.... I did the same thing last year. You have been missed.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Hi Nancy!

    Every day is precious! Glad you are enjoying each one :)