Finally surgery after 2 years on chemo

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My mom has Stage 4 colon cancer mets liver.  She had a colon bypass done and was on chemo for 2 years with different chemo combinations.  She has been off chemo for 2 months because we switched oncologist and also getting consult from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to ask about clinical trials.  2 weeks ago she had the Y90 radiation spheres for her liver done.  Then today we got a call from MSK saying they want to do surgery to remove the main colon tumor mass.  Will have a consult with the surgeon this Friday!  Hopefully mom can get the surgery done and be out of the hospital in time for Christmas and New Years!!

We've always asked about getting the main tumor mass removed from the start but our original oncologist always said no.  Not sure what changed this time around. 


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    Good news!

    I know that different Oncologist have different ways of treating patients. I am happy that your mum has found a Doctor who is willing to remove the primary tumor. 

    Heres hoping all is complete bef the holiday season. 


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    Great news in getting another opinion.

    As with any field things are always changing. I hope with this surgery she will be home for Christmas but to know they are going to remove the mass is wondearful. 

    May you have a wonderful Christmas celebration for her.


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    Thank you for sharing this.

    Thank you for sharing this. Great news after a long journey and hope everything is completed successfully before the holiday.

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    That is great news when it changes from no surgery to surgery.  Wishing and praying that all goes well and that they can get the complete mass.  Hope this will be a great Christmas for you with her home after a complete and successful surgery.


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    Just spoke with the surgeon. 

    Just spoke with the surgeon.  He suggest us to see a liver specialist to see how the Y90 radiation procedure was and if mom could handle the major surgery.  It seems like the surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering wants to remove ALL the tumors (not just the main colon tumor).  Their reasoning is that since it's Stage 4 and it has spread that it would be "pointless" to just remove the main colon tumor when it's elsewhere as well.  So it seems like we need to see the liver specialist to see how radiation went for the liver first.  Mom is frustrated because so far she's been off chemo for 2 months already.  And so far all the ocologist at our regular hospital and Mememorial Sloan Kettering has been like "give you a call next week".  Wasting so much time week after week of constantly waiting with no definite solution on things. 

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    I've always liked an

    I've always liked an aggressive approach, and I'm happy for you and your mom that things are moving and they're getting after it. even if it's not quite fast enough. With me, it never was..............................................Dave