New Diagnosis - Feeling Helpless

I'm new here. I know I'm going to ramble. I guess letting it out is good.

My dad (68 years old) was just recently diagnosed with Multiple Melanoma Stage 3. His primary care dr dropped the ball. He's had symptoms for over a year. It wasn't until he went to the emergency in excruciating pain and the inability to walk did they finally figure it out.

He's been in the HospitalA two weeks. He's has Medicare. HospitalA brought in an out of network MM Oncologist because HospitalA didn't have one. Here's the problem, the oncologist is not affiliated with HospitalA. He wants to treat my dad in HospitalB. HospitalB is not covered by his insurance. So oncologist asked for approval to treat him in HospitalA. Insurance denied. Oncologlist asked to place him an acure care facility. Insurance denied. My father cannot walk. The best case scenario is to have treatment as an outpatient. I understand that but the man cannot walk. He's is too much pain. Insurance will not cover ambulatory service either to and from treatment.

HospitalA is discharging him today because there's nothing more they can do. No treatment plan. Insurance approved physical therapy at home to get him to walk so he can go get his treatment. I'm not a doctor but the reason he cannot walk is due to hypercalcimia and excrutiating pain due to bone lesions. Is there something I'm missing or is the insurance company hoping he dies? Physical therapy will never get him to walk at this point. Discharging him from the hospital where he will no longer get the intravenous pain meds will also cause the pain the become unbearable again.

I'm just feeling helpless. Thanks for listening.


P.S. My dad is in NYS and I'm in Arizona


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    Feeling Helpless

    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad.  

    It sounds like you need to find an oncologist and hospital near your Dad that accepts Medicare assignment.  This Web site will help you find them:

    I also suggest you post your Dad’s situation on another Web site that is specifically for people or their loved ones who have multiple myeloma.  It’s at Click on Forum and register to set up an account and then post to Member Introductions/Personal Stories.  There are many helpful people who are active on the Beacon Forum and there will probably be members who are located near your father who can make suggestions concerning hospitals and oncologists.  It is a much more active place for multiple myeloma help and information than this Web site appears to be.

    It does sound to me as if your Dad needs to be in a hospital until his bone problems can be addressed so that he can walk again.  I am located in California and am not familiar with the New York area, but I am betting someone on the Beacon Forum is and can offer you and your Dad good suggestions and advice.

    G-d bless you and your Dad.