sweats and chills

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I am new to this forum/chat/network thing and not sure how it operates.

My husband has stage IV lung cancer that metastasized to his liver. Fast forward, since the liver involvement he has severe night sweats (sometimes during the day as well) and shaking chills. He also said he has a constant tickle in his throat that makes him cough incessantly. He has had 2 treatments of Keytruda. Does anyone have any suggestions to lessen these symptoms and make him more comfortable? His docs say it comes with the territory and the tickle is caused by the radiation he received. He has trouble sleeping and is very fatigued. How do others deal with this?



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    some suggestions

    My husband had a lot of trouble with irritation tickle and cough.  Now, we weren't ones for herbal stuff and all that, but a friend who is really into it suggested he try sipping mullein tea.  We figured, what the heck, couldn't hurt.  She brought him some (later I learned how to make it) and it was the only thing he found that would relieve that constant tickle that made him cough and gag almost all the time.  Later, the doctor allowed me to take some to the hospital for him and one nurse commented that she wished she could get it prescribed for the entire ward.  You might check around and see if you can find somone who could make some for you.  It won't hurt, and might help a lot.


    Best wishes for both of you.  It's not an easy path.  Been there..............

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    Similar problem

    My significant other had severe night sweats with newly diagnosed lymphoma, had liver mass.  We did not find a way to lessen this but kept five or more clean t shirts and some set wipes near the bed to keep him as comfortable as possible, even bought new it's to keep up with volume.  It worked to keep him as comfy as possible He the good thing for us was that as chemo progressed the night sweats lessened and finally stopped. Wish I had more for you but hope this helps a little.

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    what helps me

    I sip warm watered down pineapple juice w/ the tickle.  I have not found anything for the nightsweats or chills either.  It is frustrating.