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History - I'm a 65 yr old diagnosed with Prostate cancer in Feb, 2016. Prostate PSA jumped to 4.9 from 2.4. in January of 2016. Biopsy - cancer of prostate. Prostatectomy performed. Some cells leaked into seminal vesicle and urethra. Post surgery showed PSA of 0.1. Eurologist recommended 8 weeks of radiation - did that. Follow up PSAs have steadily elevated to 4.4 until the last one taken 10/11/17 - this one was 18.0!!

Eurologist has no explanation why the elevated status of PSA and he has the mind-set of all traditional practitioners - knows nothing about naturopathic, herbal remedies, or even knowledge or belief that this is a metabolic desease. Will not recognize the work that is being done with medical marijuana and the positive results that have been achieved.

SO....Here I am. I am taking both THC and Canabidiol forms of MM daily along with Capsicum and a modified Ketogenic diet, believing that this is a metabolic desease, not necessarily something inherited and destined to take me out. What can anyone offer - the last thing I want to do is succumb to hormonal or chemo therapy, as I do not believe they are cures. If you read the stories and accounts on this and other forums, the stories are 90% about dealing with the aftermath of being injected by or subjected to some very scary chemicals and very few success stories...

I'd appreciate any advice.


  • Old Salt
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    Locate the 'bandit'

    Very sorry to read about your prostate cancer journey so far. You will need to see a medical oncologist ASAP.

    I predict that he/she will ask for an appropriate scan to locate the source of the highly elevated PSA. I also think that, with the arsenal of pointed arrows available for situations such as yours, acceptable therapies can be prescribed that should extend your life significantly. Yes, they will have side effects, but many have overcome those.

    I sympathize with your effort to 'go natural', but it wouldn't be my choice; that's for sure.

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    I pair my advice with Old Salt's. Unfortunately none of the naturopath remedies I know have done any good to treat or cure prostate cancer. Apart from marijuana that have shown some benefits in controlling pain due to cancer, or those that lower circulating androgens similarly to the hormonal drugs, none have ever shown to be beneficial in the management of PCa.
    I think it better for you to investigate among the established palliative treatments or try cure checking on any possibility in attacking cancer with spot radiation where it hides.

    In any case, you should firstly get a clinical status from your doctor. What did he recommend you? Did he mention you to be already systemic?

    I am curious about your initial clinical stage before surgery and the Gleason score diagnosed by the pathologist. Do you have copies of the image exams and biopsy?

    After failed radicals, some guys decide doing nothing but control the effects caused by the cancer as they come along. Typically these involve a disruption of the immune system (anemia), nasty pain, paralyzes and organ failure before death. This is common in advanced cases of prostate cancer, but I do not think you being so advanced. You can do something yet to control the bandit.

    Best wishes and luck in your journey.


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    Got to find the bandit before you treat it, otherwise it's just a shot in the dark.  More tests & scans needed.

    Dave 3+4

  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    You say some PCa "leaked" in to the seminal vesicles.  Since the vesicles are universally removed with the gland in R.P. today, I do not see how that could be part of your current difficulties.

    I have never heard of PCa "leaking" into the urethrea either. What exactly does that mean ?

    Doctors are not trained in "holistic or naturopathec practices", because they are not medicine:  No experiential evidence to support them, as determined via certified medical testing.  Most claims for them are from snake oil salesmwen with no medical or scientific training.

    I hope you come out of this cured and well.  But the only way that will happen is with the skills of a medical oncologist,


  • hopeful and optimistic
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    You received excellent advice from the above posters.

    See a Medical Oncologist, the very best that you can find. These Oncologists are the most qualified to manage your case and administer any drugs or combination that are the most effective with the least side effects.

    You can not treat with alternative medicine. This will not cure.

    Research, ask questions.

    Wish you the best

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    Life is a sexually transmitted disease with 100% mortality.

    We need to keep that in mind when we choose a course of treatment in a disease process like prostate cancer that can have a duration of many years. I appreciate your recognition that the side effects of some forms of modern treatment may make them unacceptable to you in your battle with this disease. A studied thoughtful apprach to deciding a course of action is the best approach for all of us. However, decisions should be based on information: data understood in context. Allopathic (MD) physicians embrace all forms of treatment that provide benefit. But they are skeptical creatures by training and generally require proof that something has a benefit.  Herbal therapies, for example, are the backbone of much of modern pharmacology. But scientific methods are applied to assure the potency and purity of the chemicals that work. Don't be confused by descriptions like "natural" and "alternative" and assume they are benfical. I am reminded that arsenic and cyanide are 100% natural. 


    You have been given good advice above. To date, medical maryjane hasn't cured anything and the day it shows a clear benefit is the day scientific practitioners will adopt it.  Seek the advise of an experienced oncologist and come up with a treatment plan that makes sense for you given your disease and its impact on your quality of life.