International Strategic Cancer Alliance


Has anybody ever heard of or used this organization  They’re in my backyard

Has anybody ever heard of this organization or used them. They’re in my backyard. 



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    From "About Us" page

    "ISCA is currently focused on assistance to newly diagnosed individuals with prostate or breast cancer."

    I've never heard of this organization, but they sound like they'd be real helpful when one first gets diagnosed. I wonder though how helpful they'd be for uterine or other cancers if their area of focus is just prostate and breast cancer.

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    Cheese, it is probably worth

    Cheese, it is probably worth giving them the 5th - 6th degree.  I will say the "New Update" they have at the top of the page for pancreatic cancer was for news from July 2014 - which seems old to me at this point.  Also on the Home tab the newest news is from 2015 and the rest from 2011.