Radiation therapy and colonoscopy

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I had rad therapy in Feb 2016.  I'm due for a routine colonoscopy screening soon.  Does anyone know if there are any precations I need to take due to the prior radiation Rx?  Obviously I should let the MD doing the procedure know.  Has anyone else had any issues?  Thanks.



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    Hi Ron,
    Hi Ron,

    I had radiation (40+ sessions of IMRT) in Summer, 2009. In September 2009 I went in for a colonoscopy. I informed the doctor/staff, but I don’t recall having to take any extra precautions regarding the colonoscopy.

    The doctor mentioned seeing some ‘irritation’ (I believe it was termed) in the colon. Relatively minor and most likely due to the radiation treatments. I had some diarrhea (also minor) from the radiation, but it didn’t last long. I still get blood in my urine on rare occasions. Not visible, but detectable.

    I had no issues as a result of the colonoscopy. Hope this information is helpful and that I understood your question correctly.