Blood clots - DVT and PE and cancer


I learned the hard way that cancer, chemo, tamoxifin, age, fall, inactivity, or surgery could cause a big problem! Yes, they mentioned blood clots the day before I started chemo, but no one stressed how high risk I was! Finished surgery, chemo and was feeling great. Then went for the scheduled CT scan and WOW - DVTs  in both legs and 3 PEs in lungs! Thankfully son in law works in CT and alerted oncology STAT. NO symptoms! Started on blood thinner shots within the hour of scan. Have been on for 5 1/2 months. Had to wait 6 weeks to meet a hematologist so spent that time being scared a clot would break away, depressed with the 2 shots/day. After meeting with hematologist, great relief and doing fine now. BUT, did you know 1 person/minute in US gets a DVT?  1 person DIES every 6 minutes fron a PE in US?  Lack of knowledge by public and medical field is alarming.

PLEASE go to and learn about blood clots. You might save your life or that of someone you love! I speak from experience being my teacher.







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    Wow, that is scary!!!  On the

    Wow, that is scary!!!  On the other hand, people like me bleed very easily and it takes awhile for our blood to clot.  After my hysterectomy a nurse came in to give me a shot of a blood thinner.  I asked her if she was SURE my doctor prescribed it.  She said they give everyone this shot.  I told her I wanted her to double check with my doctor before they gave it to me because my GP won't even let me take asprin.  She never came back.  

    I agree with you 100% - we need to be armed with knowledge and not be afraid to speak up.

    I'm glad you're doing better!!



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    Thanks for sharing. After my hysterectomy I was on Lovenox shots for 6 weeks. But 14 weeks into my chemo I had a stroke. Nobody talked to me about blot clot risk either. Cardiologist claims I have a fib which I didn’t have before. Started on Eliquis but eventually he put me on Coumadin which on which I was in therapeutic range only 10% of the year I was on it. My INR one week was as high as 11 (supposed to be 2.5-3.5) They advised me don’t handle any paper!  Now I’m on Eliquis again and have been on Megace for about a month  which has a higher risk of clots (and my reoccurrence increases my risk). I’ve decided to take matters in my own hands and am meeting with a hematologist on Tuesday ( in my never ending quest to accumulate even more specialists.). But my cardiologist is an idiot and I really don’t think he has much clue about really balancing this coagulation thing with these multiple issues. We’ll see if seeing the hematologist will be worth it. 

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    EZ and Queen

    Do go to !  My oncology team could tell me nothing except take the shots! I tried to get an app't. with a hematologist but was put on waiting list. The ignorance of specialists about other problems is the reason we end up with so many doctors, NPs and PAs !  However, the hematologist was an older woman who was so understanding. I also googled blood clots and found lots of support groups and found my feelings were normal. It is a shame we, the patients, have to push so hard to get best care and information. Thank goodness we have this site!  Hang tough!

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    I had a pulmonary embolism a

    I had a pulmonary embolism a week after donating a kidney to my daughter . Yes, it was the scariest thing I ever experienced! In a way it has been a blessing for me as I always remind drs of this and they have been very cautious with me. While having the shots isn’t fun, it is well worth it. Chemo makes blood thicker, too. Prayers for all of you!